Contract Barns

Another member of the Kalmbach Family of Companies is Kalmbach Swine Management. Kalmbach Swine Management began with a single farrow-to-finish operation in 1985, and has grown over the years to become a leading pork producer in the heart of the Midwest. A great opportunity for any family looking to enjoy the benefits of raising livestock is to become a contract finishing grower for Kalmbach Swine Management. Becoming a contract finishing grower starts with a conversation around the dinner table about partnership. We would love to begin this conversation with you. Contact us for more information on contract barn opportunities and be sure to follow us on Facebook! 
Kalmbach Poultry, another part of the Kalmbach family, prides itself on being a high quality producer of specialty eggs including non-gmo, organic, free-range, and other unique products. Our eggs are sold in grocery stores around the country and we are blessed with many wonderful customers. We have been dedicated to the egg business for over twenty years and have continued to grow through partnerships with outstanding families that enjoy producing an egg they are proud to feed to their own family and want to share it with others. We are looking for more great families that want to partner with us in this endeavor. If you are interested please reach out to us and we would love to begin the conversation to see if this is the right opportunity for you.